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A drug and alcohol counselor is a professional who assists and provides guidance to people who abuse drugs and alcohol. This is done by recognizing behaviors that are associated to this abuse. The requirement for drug and alcohol counselors increases daily. Needless to say, it can be attributed to the increase in the number of substance abusers. Those who exploit the sector are also expanding it and access to drugs and alcohol is far more accessible to all people, regardless of age. Dial 800-234-8334 if you need a drug and alcohol counselor to speak with now, or even if you just have a question you would like answered.

Drug Alcohol Counselor

Drug and alcohol counselors work in rehab centers, hospitals, public health facilities, and private practices. These counselors will offer their services in two modes in group settings or individually. The group format is better because people share their experiences freely without unnecessary formality.

A drug and alcohol counselor will also work with the abuser’s family and close friends. The purpose of such interviews is to determine if the abuser’s struggle has affected those around him or her positively or not.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

The counselor would offer counseling to those affected negatively. Also, these people could give crucial information that would help the counselor in giving the best help to the abuser.

A drug and alcohol counselor usually has at least a bachelor’s degree and many have a master’s. Many programs will require comprehensive coursework and clinical experience in drug and alcohol counseling that is supervised. Some drug and alcohol counselors will offer training for a new counselor. Drug and alcohol counselors must keep themselves updated on current treatment research and options for therapy.

A drug and alcohol counselor has the responsibility to assist people who are afflicted with problems controlling their consumption of alcohol and drugs such that it becomes abuse. They counsel people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and assist them to single out behaviors and problems associated with their addictions. Counseling can be done on a counselor-patient basis but is usually done in a communal setup. Such counselors will most likely contact the family members who are affected by the abuse of the addict.

For a drug and alcohol counselor to help a patient end an abusive habit is terribly difficult. This can be done by assisting the patient in developing critical skills such as managing cravings for drugs and alcohol, declining proposals to indulge in alcohol or drugs, confronting flawed thinking, managing negative effects, and dealing with relapse warning signs.

Drug and Alcohol counselors advocate on the behalf of their patients and facilitate inpatient admission whenever needed. The counselor will also establish community support systems, professional treatment groups, and self-help groups. The patients have to work on intrapersonal and interpersonal issues as part of their recovery process.

Medication is also part of the recovery process. Medication is important for various reasons. One is to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Other symptoms that may be associated with abuse may be eased by use of medication. Medication may also be used to improve a patients mood and cognitive abilities. By using medication, patients will be happier than they normally would and they will be more active in sessions with counselors.

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